Saturday, April 11, 2009


I finished my Jalie top. I LOVE IT! It is absolutely fabulous. I had fun putting it together and I wore it yesterday only to discover that it is the most comfy top I have in my clost. Here's the review I put up on PR.

I am definitely planning several more versions of this top. The first two of course being for my MIL for Mother's Day. I think I've decided I'll put a white collar and placket on the pink striped one because I can't find a solid to match. What do you think? Here are the fabrics again.

From Grillo Originals

The solid pink one will just be plain and solid. The stripey one is the one I'm going back and forth on. I don't think a striped collar would look good. But maybe?

Here is a photo of the prototype on me. I really love this pattern. I think I'll be making several more of these and then I'll modify it into a t-shirt pattern too, I need more of those and this fits SO WELL when it's on!
From Grillo Originals

So... for the rest of today I've got to go take the pup to get her staples out and then I need to finish my Easter top! All it needs is darts and a hem, so I think it should be a quick fix. Hopefully I'll post on that this afternoon.


  1. I've missed a few of your posts-don't know how they slipped past me. Your Jalie top is very nice looking--you wear it well. The pink stripe fabric--is that little stripe in it white or silver? In the photo, it looks silver. I would make the collar whatever color the small stripe is.

  2. @gwensews - The stripe is silver, that's what Hubby recommended too, it's really metallic though so I haven't been able to find a silver knit that's anywhere in the same ballpark which is what led me down the white road. I think I'll make up a couple options and take a poll :)