Thursday, March 19, 2009


Apparently me stating that something is "next up" keeps me from doing it. Aaargh. In the meantime, I've been sidetracked into two new projects (Mother's Day is coming and I have both a wonderful Mom AND a wonderful Mom-in-law that both deserve lovingly hand-made gifts.) AND I've discovered something fascinating that's been on the web forever, I can't believe it has taken me this long to find it.... ready?
I'm not sure what the rules are for using pictures that aren't mine so I'll not touch this, but just quickly click on that link and tell me this dress isn't awesome. I'm in love. One dress (modified skirt, really) with two looooong tabs/straps and seriously, the variations are endless. I have got to make myself one!

When I get around to it, this will surely be my summer go-to outfit. Hubby often gets annoyed when I get fixated on a specific awesome article of clothing and pretty much refuse to take it off. I will take it off long enough to wash it, but then it goes right back on. First, it was the t-shirt I got for running my first 5k. I don't have a photo of the shirt, but here's me looking dorky finishing the race. I had never been a runner, so training for and finishing a measly 5k was a seriously self proud moment which is why I have such an attachment to that t-shirt. I wore it every day for about 2 weeks (washing it while I went to work...)

After that it was a t-shirt I made from BurdaStyle that was just so incredibly comfy that I couldn't take it off. It was made out of some kind of jersey knit I guess, it was thicker than "jersey" brings to mind, but super stretchy. I can't find the photo, but it's turquoise with Japanese writing on it. I studied Japanese for 2 years in college and am disappointed because a) I couldn't figure out which way was up on the fabric and b) while recognizing some characters I don't have the foggiest idea if this even made some kind of sentence or statement or what. Ha!

The most recent clothing item of adoration is the Victoria's Secret PJ sweatshirt top thingy my awesome MIL&FIL got me for Christmas. Hot pink and rediculously comfy I wear it all the time. Hubby gets especially annoyed if I sleep in it and then proceed to wear it the next day (come on, I only do it when we're hanging out at home and I'm sewing all day- ha!) Now I sound gross, but that top is great it makes me comfy and happy. It's kind of like this one, same pattern for sure but mine is brighter pink and has silver stripes. Really I'm too old to wear this in public (not THAT old, mind you... just too old to go around in college girl attire.)

So, long story short, the dress will surely be the next clothing item obsession. It will count as different "outfits" if I tie it differently every time I wear it, right?


  1. That's a lovely dress. How about making one for each day of the week, each in an amazing color?

  2. @gwensews- That's a good idea- I may very well do it this summer!