Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next Up

As it turns out I might not be as crazy about that dress as I originally thought. I wore it yesterday (sorry, no photos yet- Hubby left early and I got home late). When wearing it for a whole day I discovered that I was constantly yanking and pulling and adjusting to keep my bra from showing in the back. I've been trying to work my head around a way to fix this for the current dress- for the pattern the obvious answer is just to raise the back. The change wouldn't be much, maybe an inch or so- and frankly if I have my hair down it will cover any problems, but I find this annoying.

So. Deciding on my next up project is my next dilemma. Hubby has been angling delicately for me to cut another shirt for him, he wore his green one yesterday and sent me a text to tell me how much he loves it (awww). His only beef with these shirts is that the collar isn't as thick or as stiff as his other ones. This guy prefers a ring of cardboard around his neck and I can't talk him out of it. The interfacing was already so thick that I had to take my fusible interfacing and make it into sew-in interfacing with some muslin, it was impossible to turn the corners with it fused. So here's my next plan of attack- use the same interfacing fused to muslin insert, but also insert an exactly cut piece of interfacing into the sewn and turned collar and fuse it to the upper collar (the part he cares about most) before inserting and sewing the other. Ugh. These shirts make me so happy because they turn out looking so great, but then the whole collar thing really brings me down. Anyway, chances are he's getting a new shirt at least cut this weekend. Here are the fabrics again, I think he'll be getting the grey and black one. I'm making sleeve changes and some minor fitting tweaks too otherwise I'd just get all of the cutting out of the way. Never mind the wrinkles, I pre-wash my fabrics when I get them but I loathe ironing so that gets put off until just before layout.

In other news- I'm extremely excited because this weekend I will meet for the first time with a sewing group that I've organized here. When reading Erin's post about Little Dresses for Africa I hopped on over to and inquired about a sewing group around Denver (there are some around the US that regularly get togeter to sew these little dresses). Alas, there wasn't. That's when my genius plan was born! I work by myself and tend to be sort of a homebody so I've recently decided it's about time I became more social and found more people I have common interests with rather than having my circle of frieds limited to the wives of my Hubby's friends (not that those ladies aren't awesome, just that we don't have as much in common as our hubbies do). So I put up a post on Craigslist and lo and behold, I have a sewing group. We're meeting Saturday to go supply shopping together since there are a couple newbies who will need help picking out the correct supplies, then we're all getting together the following Saturday to sew some pillowcase dresses! I was extra plesantly surprised to find that there were two gents among the people who responded to my post. Yay for men who can sew (or want to)!

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