Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Shirt For Me!

Next on the docket is a shirt for me, it will be BWOF 10-2008 #118. I'm not quite as good at making shirts for me. I have some fit issues I have yet to diagnose completely. Luckily this shirt is so drapey my specific fit problems shouldn't be an issue. This fabric dates back to my original sewing days! I bought it the same year I bought my sewing machine- sophomore year in college. I guess you could say I started sewing before that with Grandma and with Mom, but this was my first very own machine and I mark that as the beginning of my current sewing era. I don't remember what the fabric is, some kind of synthetic I'm sure- but super fluid and a gorgeous purple, so it should turn out to be nice.

Here's a flower I made with the shirt fabric from the Valentine's flower tutorial at Burda Style . I think the flower is cute, I'll probably make it into a pin for the shirt. I should finish it today, I want to wear it to a family birthday party tomorrow.

After that, I'm going to get really ambitious on a long term project. I've been watching just about everyone else sew gorgeous jackets all winter and I think I've finally gotten brave enough to try one. My fitting problems in RTW jackets are what have been keeping me from making one so far. First of all, I'm petite so it's very easy to make me look like a child playing dress up in a jacket. Then we get into the real fit issues; from what I can tell I think I have broad, forward shoulders along with my full upper arms and slightly full bust. I've never actually owned a jacket that fit well and was comfortable (and I've owned custom jackets... ugh). So I've nominated some stash fabric for muslin and I think I'll be cutting out BWOF 12-2008 #116. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck!

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