Sunday, February 15, 2009

Next on the docket

And my next project is yet another shirt for Hubby. I'm going to finish this one before I forget all the minor issues I wanted to tweak. Here's the fabric, it's the one on the left with the grey stripes. Pardon the wrinkles... it's straight out of the dryer and I haven't pressed it yet.

This fabric falls into the "guilt fabric" category. I gave both of these to Hubby per his request for fabric for every holiday- his birthday is in December so he got birthday fabric and Christmas fabric. I just finished the one with birthday fabric, but these are both Christmas fabric. So only two more guilt pieces and we'll be all set with the seriously overdue projects and I can resume augmenting my own wardrobe.

The fabric on the left with the grey and black stipes is the next one. I've got some black mother of pearl buttons for it and it will be topstitched in black to give it a little more personality. I think this one will be especially good looking with its contrasting collar and cuff. Good stuff!

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